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r kelly - and im sticking to it

Вместе с r kelly - and im sticking to it часто ищут R. kelly my story and im sticking to itMaureen Kelly

525wireman - Take Me Out To The Ball Game

you what you can do:" 1927 Version Nelly Kelly ... gang sing this song: Nelly Kelly ... just like any man, Told the umpire he was wrong, All along, Good and strong. When the score was just two to two, Nelly Kelly ...

R. Kelly - My Story

sticking to it And I'm sticking to it And I'm sticking to it And I'm sticking to it And I'm sticking ... sticking to it And I'm sticking ...

Rich Gang - We Been On

R. Kelly [Hook One: R. Kelly ... their broads) [Hook Two: R. Kelly ... We been on, yeah Nigga, we been on, yeah Nigga, we been on, yeah We been on, yeah [R. Kelly ...

Save - Poison Nicole Scherzinger cover

Got venom dripping from my lips Know who you're 'bout to kiss Think that you can handle it Boy, it's on Just step into the danger zone Shake it if you wanna roll Never bend, just take control Stakes are on So sick, ill-equipped, gonna stick to a stick I don't think that I can stop this Pick it up, let it drop, be my cup, sip it up Oh, no, I'll never stop That bad girl power I got, I'll abuse it tonight 'Cause tonight got poison on my mind That power I got, yo

Shawn Desman - Stick Up

(feat. Karl Wolf) Chorus: Hands up, this a stick up you're a hostage in this club so move your body now before we blow this club, club All you see the VIP is in the back shut up and stand up instead this a stick up in this club, club this a stick up in this club. I ain't play in the rest, on the floor you and now keep your hands while I can see it I don't want the trouble in this party you and me, will you give me what I need? 'cause I'm locking and close up and you

Taito - Party Night

feat. Kelli Leigh & Renald Can sing a song, oho, oh, oho We party, oh, oho, oho We sing out song, oh, oho, oho Before we oh, oho, oho I don’t wanna go, go, go, go, home I just wanna dance here all night long Feeling’s getting hot, hot, hot, hot Tell the dj play our favorite song Step into the club, everyone a cup Lights on me, lights on me, lights on Crowd popping coming through, Let’s get the magic juice Lights on me, lights on me, lights on I don’t wanna

Heart In Hand - Cuts & Bruises

I can’t believe you have stuck by me After all you heard, after these years. You mean so much to me, guess I’ve been around So scream as loud as you can, Scream as loud as you can. Let’s make tonight a night to remember Fuck what you heard. Let’s make tonight a night to remember At least this once. So what am I supposed to do? Just stay here and take this. Sticks and stones won’t even break me This time I still have the scars from before. Sticks and stones won’

Marina & The Diamonds - Girls (Alternative Version)

Look like a girl but I think like a guy Not ladylike to behave like a slime Easy to be sleazy when you've got a filthy mind You stick to your yogurts I'll stick to my apple pie Girls are not meant to fight dirty Never look a day past thirty i love your botox bitch you curtsy for you Is there any possibility You'll quit gossiping about me To hide your insecurities? All you say is "blah, blah" Girls they never befriend me 'Cause I fall asleep when they speak Of

Kelly Rowland - Gone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Kelly never lied So can get your stuff and get to going I'll get back to gettin' high Kelly ... Kelly Rowland: Hey love, thought that ... would be better, don't yell Kelly ...

Twista ft R. Kelly - Throwin My Money

Kelly] In the club, throwin money Turned up, Kells and the Twista [Chorus: R. Kelly ... spin in reverse [Chorus] [R. Kelly ...
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