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noizy - ole lyrics

Noizy - Ole

NOIZY RAP 1: kudo qe jam mendoj ... ole ole ole ole ole oleo le. NOIZY ...

Noizy - Gangsta Love

This one It’s special Cuz it’s gangsta love X 8 You are my gangsta love And I’m your gangsta love!

Noizy - Hard

She likes it Hard, real hard, real talk She likes it Hard, real hard, real talk See we was talking every now and then Sending messages like now and then, Busting jokes like more then firends like You're in trouble when I see you next She... Swears she's a freak in bed And how she does them freaky things She loves to talk while we having sex So I... Fuck her hard and make her say HARD, REAL HARD, REAL TALK She likes it Hard Good Parfume and them underweares The

Noizy - All I Know

She said sit back ill perform for ya, She drops it down low like a water fall, all I know she's never done things like this before, I guess she feels good just being around me, I say the rite things just to see her smiling, I take her so high like the highest mountain, Then I bring her down low just to see the sun set, mhmm I can be your best friend, you can tell me anything interesting, mhmm Like how you do that back thing, You move right baby so attractive, yes I l