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paroles photomaton jabberwocky traduction

Jabberwocky - Photomaton feat. Wildstars

Verse 1: I left you miles aways, can't feel your breath in my hairs It seems to be years, and I'm alone and fake If this world is to small to be too, a world without sens if I'm without you It's always, the wrong ways, there's no return to life so get your car and drive Look at the game of our life, you've never took all the dice After all, curtain falls, there's no return to life so get the car and die Chorus: Waiting for hope babe There's no more light in my sky! S

#Rapinvena Contest 3 - Apologia

Dal principio ad oggi ho preso tante botte e proprio vero che la vita e quella che ti fotte appari figo solo se 300 ne hai sedotte queste realta di merda...realta corrotte stanno bene a tutti forse a qualcuno se non sei il numero uno non puoi essere nessuno come quando per essere qualcuno stai sotto attacco vivi appresso dalla gente come sotto scacco scacco matto...hai perso il round ma intanto questa e la realta del mondo...di un mondo infranto dove tutti si lamentano del

Megurine Luka - Hero

paroles ou de la signification de la chanson, je reste ouverte. Informations complementaires concernant la traduction ... traduction en francais. Elle ne correspond pas toujours avec la version Japonaise/Anglaise, mais comprenez qu'une traduction ...

Aldo scaglia - la danza del bosco

Ho visto la primavera. E' verde come una mela selvatica, e allegra come la coda di uno scoiattolo. Parla con le parole del vento. Sorride Con il rosa delle rose. Quando credi che pianga e sola una goccia di pioggia. Il cielo ride un suo riso turchino Benche senta l'inverno ormai vicino; il bosco scherza con le foglie gialle benche senta l'inverno alle sue spalle; ciancia il ruscel col rispecchiato cielo benche senta l'onda del primo gelo; e sorto a pie d'un pio

The Afters - Breathe In Breathe Out

(Verse) I always think tomorrow will be better That there will come a day when I arrive That the list of everything I've got to do Will be a page of empty lines I apologize to myself for living in the future And letting what’s ahead get in the way Because if happiness is always down the road Then I'm missing it today (Chorus) Breathe in, Breathe out Slow down, slow down Everybody look around Life is where we are now Breathe in, Breathe out (Verse) I don't

Lockets - Girl

You mix me up You turn me out Fall into the background See right through me Know my intention My temprature's rising Time's passing by Don't let the fire go out tonight The way you look at me like I was your girl Like I was, Like I was Need to find a way to say I want you Might be into you If I had my way Thinking that you want me too From around the way I could be your girl My temprature's rising Time's passing by Don't let the fire go out tonigh

Lowki Loki - About You (Remix)

Featuring: Sigyn [Intro] Its Loki, you know about me [Verse: LowKi LoKi] I don't know about you Got me stuck like glue I don't know about you Got me sick like the flu I don't know about you Got me feelin' like a fool I don't know about you I think my skins turnin' blue I don't know what to do She say i can't trust you Man she love to argue She say i think i love you Man i wish that were true I don't know about you, But i think i love you, too [Hook]

Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audiocells - I Am Your Shadow

ft. Shannon Hurley I am yours eternally Tied to all of your tomorrows I’ll never let go I watch you sleep I watch you dream Every step you take I’ll follow I am your shadow I’ll be your light to the end of time just so you know I’ll never let go You can’t hide in the darkened night just so you know I’ll never let go You are not alone Every night I’ll keep you safe from all you fear You are not alone Every time you look around you’ll find me near You are n

Hideout - Genetics

There is no cause for this line to continue on anymore I'm sure it should be over now With all my faults at least I can admit that I'm unfit To bring another soul onboard It takes a measure of humility To realize what you are In due time You will see that this is wise

La Berth - Droits de lHomme

on ne garde que l'elite, traduction ...
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