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Chucucha in english

Kathleen Reiter - Ad Elay

Tire, kulam mekirim oti Ani mekira otcha, ani shetmuna becha Tishma eich hem sharim iti Ani shara rak lecha, ani shegdela becha Ad elay badrakhim haktzarot Keshyaday mushatot rak habeck oti, nase leshanot Ve’ulay im tagid shehakol yistader venigmar Ve’ukhal lehavin yesh li bait becha, yesh machar Ha’merchak yekarev oti, ha’maga yenatzeach ke’ev shebi Ve’ulay Tu sens les battements de mon c?ur Au rythme de ton c?ur qui vibre et qui brule en toi Jusqu’a moi pour de

Cyhad - Ode to Chaos

You Who give me life, You Who bring me wrath, You who keep me in fight You who make me try, You who show me how, you who let me go Truth beyond the sence, food of all big minds, engine of all life Ocean of prime force, spark behind the change, forge of all reaction Open my way Fucking rupture of creation Open my eyes Stormy bolt who drives us all Only after ruin you reborn strong and free So you can see the wheel of fortune in hands, son Dont try resist your nature, guts a

Maximum Thrust - Fallen Angel

The Winds were howling and screaming evil On a palette shrouded in gray. The heaven light up before me And they give the illusion of day. I was struck by the fiery wrath of the clouds As my life, it flashed before me. The tasks I'd left undone I'd find I must complete eternally. Fallen angel covered in black Are you here to greet me or send me back? And I thrash, I struggle hopelessly And those chain they still bear down Pulling me from this world I know To the o

Roosevelt - Around You

You know I always spend your love Before I only lost my time to know you And hard as all this sound.. Before I only saw the time without you! (x4)

Kalafina - Love Come Down translation

Since the day we first met I've been intoxicated by those fascinating eyes image...just keep comin'on So much in love, my body Might melt away into one damage...keep me hangin'on The power of love, the heart surges To the end of the skies Competing every nicht over who's love is stronger The wings of the white bird Flying down on insolent dreams I'm getting closer and closer to you Playing music of love with the whole body To an endless future that spreads ou

Ilegales - Chucucha

Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Yo quiero Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Tu quieres Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Chucucha, chucucha ... Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Yo quiero Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Tu quieres Chucucha, chucucha, chucucha! Chucucha, chucucha ...

Wang Lee Hom - Still In Love With You

Yi shan yi shan liang jing jing Liu xia sui yue de hen ji Wo de shi jie de zhong xin Yi ran hai shi ni Yi nian yi nian you yi nian Fei shi jin zai yi zhuan yan Wei yi yong yuan bu gai bian Shi bu ting di gai bian Wo bu xiang cong qian de zi ji Ni ye you dian bu xiang ni Dai zai wo yan zhong ni de xiao Yi ran de mei li Ri zi zhi neng wang qian zou Yi ge fang xiang shun shi zhong Bu zhi dao hai you duo jiu Suo yi yao rang ni dong Wo yi ran ai ni Jiu shi

Lacrimosa - Liebesspiel

du wirst nie alleine sein [English ...

K-On! - Curry Nochi Rice English

You make my heart throb, it may be love, I scurry I can't stop this hungry sensation and get dizzy Please! A piping hot plate of curry Motivate me with a single spoon of spice I don't want mild, I want medium spice today It's an adult's flavor Meat, vegetables, and a secret hidden flavor It's the greedy loving heart of a growing girl I love you! Bubbling boiled curry Let me experience two spoons of spice But that's my limit, it's too spicy...I can't Shocked, sh

De$ignated - Valentine

You'll be // on your way to another and I'll be // waiting always and you'll see // that I'll have you whatever you take me, // down as you please You'll see // if I dare to another you love me // until you say, and I'll be, // waiting stuck here forever, I'm steady, I'll always be.
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