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who sings " I'm paranoid, I'm trippin" song

Lil Wayne - One Eye On The Streets

You Best Not Push Me Nigga, If You A Pussy Nigga They Call Me SPCA, I Kill That Pussy Nigga I Shoot my gun at niggas, I'm Like A Racist Cop After My Skrilla Like Skrillex Making Bases Drop I shower In Money, Katrina: New Orleenz, Dying From Random Seizures; Sippin Too Much Lean Chorus: Nigga I'm a stunner, Brand new Hummer, Benz, I can ride every day of the summer. See I can ride, if I want to, Fly, if I want to, Take a brick, chop it up and sell dimes, if I want to.

Jay And Silent Bob - Fuck Song

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Mother motherfuck Mother motherfuck fuck Motherfuck motherfuck Noise, noise, noise 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 Noise, noise noise Shmokin'Weed shmoking wizz Doin' coke, drinkin' beers Drinkin' beers, beers, beers Rollin' fatties, smokin' blunts Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts! Rollin' blunts and smokin' (Uh, lemme get ya nickel back) 15 Bucks, little man Put that shit in my hand If that money doesnt show then you owe me owe me owe

The 1975 - Heads.Cars.Bending

end Fall down; write another song ...

AnMor - S.W.M.N (Night & Day)

They say my image doesn’t match the smoker’s cloud But little do they know I’m always smokin loud Roll it up, light it up, I’m cruising with my windows up 20’s on my window got my inside lookin dark as fuck Plus I keep that lean up in that double cup Praying while I’m stopped up at this light No fed come pullin up Shit is hard enough just bein black And on top of that I’m riding dirty cruising in the lat I’m go behind the wheels, my nigga dre they keep them pills He be rol

August Alsina - I Luv This Shit

way too drunk to be talking like this I’m way too high to be trippin ... way too drunk to be talking like this I’m way too high to be trippin ...

DJ Mustard - Paranoid

paranoid (Bridge) Yea I’m paranoid, I’m trippin ... paranoid (Bridge x2) Yea I’m paranoid, I’m trippin ... me up Maybe I’m just paranoid ...

Jori King - '67 Shelby

So baby quit playing games I ain't got time to waste If you want me to leave Then I'll be outta this place Like my 1967 Shelby Soon to come when you just tell me yeah I'm gone Here we go another day another haller I'm first fight man every time I call ya And how you wanna do do Doing sick can't...you Now we know we both got Things to tend to Had no clue about this Before I signed up So baby girl I think I made my mind up You want things to be the way you want

Bishop Nehru - IntroVERTZ

No guns on the run Take over your shit No guns on the run I'm used to being alone Just me and my symphonies Now I'm never going Just you and the ... Sympathy form 9 to 4 And so go home Old guns but noted the flow runs In my direction still striving for perfection Dressing shorty undressing She stressing and lessen it When this mess is near Cause sentences inside romantic said Things I said My flow dough you know Pass my role codes We blow to roll hoes T

Tha Joker TooCold - Paranoid

[Breana Marin:] It’s like I’m lost in the road, surrounded by poes wanna get in my space you fly away from the strangers I don’t know where to go, don’t know who I know ever since I got famous, been a victim of changes now you see what I smoke, if you know like I know even though I’m on papers, gotta keep me a.. everywhere I go, watch the people who’s close ever since I got famous still I come in danger I don’t know where to go [Tha Joker:] I don’t really f*ck with peo

Snow Tha Product - Gettin It

trippin’ ‘bout no hater bitches My team and I win it I ain’t feelin’ … Catch you, I’m a get it, I ain’t trippin’ ... trippin’ ‘bout no hater bitches My team and I win it I ain’t feelin’ … Catch you, I’m a get it, I ain’t trippin’ ...
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