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зважені та щасливі 4 сезон онлайн 2013

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Rohit - Fission Theme

Fission It's all around you Fission There's no escape Fission is on your mind when you don't know what to do and you're running out of time Fission is everywhere on our streets in the business in our homes and care Whether you're the ice cold tar or the prince from a far you've got those scars It's in the truth it's in the lies that fill our hopeful stars

Hillsong Live - Glorious Ruins

VERSE When the mountains fall And the tempest roars You are with me When creation folds Still my soul will soar on Your mercy PRE-CHORUS I'll walk through the fire With my head lifted high And my spirit revived in Your story And I'll look to the cross As my failure is lost In the light of Your glorious grace CHORUS Let the ruins come to life In the beauty of Your Name Rising up from the ashes God forever You reign And my soul will find refuge In the s

Kmc - Forever

(feat. Jamtech) 2 x Chorus: Baby baby (baby) Why can't we just stay together? (Forever) Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Baby baby (baby) Why can't we just stay together? Yeah yeah yeah yeah. One of a kind, one of a kind, can you blow up my mind yeah? Can you blow my mind yeah, love and so divine yeah let ..the time ..the morning..the evening..nine time so give me the tender love and ..stop shine Confrontation, corruption, contemption, confusion ..the relationship an

Donell Jones - Don't Blame Me

(Intro) This a message Uh There comes a time in a man’s life When we gotta let go of them little boy habits And become a man Listen to me (Chorus) Don’t blame me for the things that I did when I was younger I was only tryna be… what I thought was a man Don’t blame me for the things that I did when I was younger I was only tryna be… what I thought was a man Was a man Not caring about all the things you did for me Was a man Or is this before my family? Was a ma

Ab-Soul - 2013 XXL Freshmen Freestyle

The sum of all fears is a billion and three More of a reason why everybody's scared of me 'Cause ain't nobody saying nothing rare to me Just comedy or a parody You could suck two dicks for comparing me To any rapper that fits in this category Section 80's baby, pray you follow me home See my habits, my contradictions and my systems of control Top Dawg Entertainment They saying we saviors like this ain't dope we slanging, hope You can get a feel for the skill like the famou

Tech N9ne - Fragile

You said you'd never ever break down But here I am sweeping pieces off of the ground You said you'd never ever play two grounds But I've seen you hoping to play some now I've spent all night long scared of tomorrow Every thing's almost lost pick it up slow before it's gone Fragile, wish I'd have know I never thought I'd be so fragile You are not alone Vented and break before it's about to We've been here before I don't ever wanna change I'm fragile, I don't ever So

Elizabeth Gillies - Bam-Bam-Bam

Well I've been thinking about the last weekend, When we were alone I switched the lights, Well, Mister polite, You must've gone and left your rocks at home Making plans and holding my hand Send shivers down my spine What's coming next, don't let me take a guess You want to know my sign Skip that! Let's bam bam bam... Skip that! Let's bam bam bam... It's thirty-five, it's raining outside Let's jump into your car, Hide your keys, Get down on your knees An

Francesca - Paradise

Sometimes I feel I’m in the paradise With you it’s like fantasy in paradise You are the way I feel it’s only us And I’m here just calm down my fire.

Nyzzy Nyce - I Just Rather

I'd just rather smoke I'd just rather smoke I'd just rather smoke I'd just rather smoke I'd just rather Still a young nigga, tryina get it Still got my hometown on my fitted If success them shoes must fit it Can't climb to the top ‘cause the sky's no limit Don't care about much but smoke Stay high forever? Yeah, that be dope Capricorn so that means I'll be G O A T There goes another fifth down my throat Man, I got problems And this little green bud just solves 'e

Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops (Eurovision 2013 Denmark)

The sky is red tonight We’re on the edge tonight No shooting star to guide us Eye for an eye, why tear each other apart? Please tell me why, why do we make it so? I look at us now, we only got ourselves to blame It’s such a shame Chorus: How many times can we win and lose? How many times can we break the rules between us? Only teardrops How many times do we have to fight? How many times till we get it right between us? Only teardrops So come and face me now
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