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download song na fikar hoti na liquor hoti

Pillowfight - Used to Think

blind, blind, blind me with liquor ... blind, blind, blind me with liquor ...

Sonu Nigam - Pardesi Pardesi

Hey eh hey eh... Pardesi, pardesi maine mohabbat karli karli Pardesi, pardesi maine mohabbat karli karli Pardesi O kehna chahatha kehna saka bin kahe aaj rehna saka aaja gale lagja tu hai meri zindagi Pardesi

Jason Derulo - Two Of Me

scared to touch Got that liquor ... scared to touch Got that liquor ...

Atif Aslam - Jeene Laga Hun

Main.... mera dil.... aur tum ho yahan, Phir kyun ho palke jhukaaye waahan, Tum sa haseen pehle dekha nahin, Tum iss se pehle thay jaane kahan... Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada, Pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga... Hummm...hummmm.... Rehte ho aa ke jo tum paas mere, Tham jaye pal yeh wahin bass main yeh sochun... Sochun main tham jaye pal yeh, Paas mere jab ho tum...(2) Chalti hai saansein pehle se zyada Pehle se zyada dil theharne laga... Hummmm....hummmm.... Ta

Mukesh - Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam

Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen Humein darr hai hum kho na jaaye kahin Suhana safar Yeh kaun hansta hai phoolon mein chhupkar Bahar bechain hai jiski dhun par Kahin gungun, kahin runjhun Ki jaise nache zameen Suhana safar Yeh gori nadiyon ka chalna uchhalkar Ki jaise allhad chale pi se milkar Pyare pyare yeh nazare nisar hai har kahin Suhana safar. Woh aasman jhuk raha hai zameen par Yeh milan humne dekha yahin par Meri duniya, mere sapne milenge shaayad y

Atif Aslam - Chhod Gaye

Chup k se aye .. sabke darmiyaan .. Sirf mien janon .. Tu hai kahan kahan .. Hawa woh ,sur woh geet woh, awaaz woh narmi garmi aahat ya saaz woh Kyon Chor Gaye Rastay, Kabhi saath chalay thay jin pe ..! Hawa woh ,sur woh geet woh, awaaz woh narmi garmi aahat ya saaz woh Aahat sunoon, tumko dekhoon jab dekhloon, kya main kahoon honth khuley, juban kund ho lafzoon ki khoz mein, main ghum rahoon Kyun Chor Gaye Rastay .. Kabhi saath chalay thay jin

Anamanaguchi - T-Tb

Your natural state is enlightening. Everything else you've ever been told about yourself is a lie. We are trying to wake ourselves up, because we come from source energy and we are ALL one. We have to realize that our brothers and sisters that we are seeing in the dream, are mere reflections of our inner self. Yin and yang, love and hate. People that we dislike, are mere reflections of our own character defects. People that we like and love are true successful manifestations of our deepest mo

Philip H. Anselmo - Betrayed

I've been Betrayed Revolt How can they sleep with themselves at night? When the blur that surrounds them distracts and then blinds? This is a call for mass awareness this is the time to stand resolute You've been Betrayed Insult How can you crash so contented at night? When the engine that drives you is bullshit disguised? This is a call for mass preparedness We must stand resolute Inherently resolute I believe in mass obliquity I'm convinced of a hidden agenda

L.I.G.A - Skylder Dig Ik' Noget

Du var speciel Noget for dig selv Indtil den dag hvor jeg Fandt dig et sted, Hvor jeg habede pa det ik' ville ende Ja baby jeg sa dig Hva' fik det til at ske? Har du gjort det for? Hvor l?nge har det varet ved? Er det sadan det star til? Aldrig ma du nogensinde tro At du finder ligesa go' en mand som mig! (Sa jeg siger!) [Omkv?d] Baby! Du ma da v?re crazy! Yo du er bl?st! Men jeg skylder dig ik' noget mer! Sugar! Er noget gaet i stykker? Yo i dit fj?s

Scorpion Child - Liquor

I've been aching lately baby To see you again And lose another friend Over drinking baby I'm thinking I'll be with you again I used to think that my life would end hungover A nauseating way to say goodbye Autumn eye come and shift the winter seesaw Dark high I can't side with another lifestyle C'mon now Remember every day It never went away I been burnin' the candle at both ends sober With an over-intoxicated mind Lend me just one reason to live life solo O
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