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Lirik lagu waris bertingkek tingkek

Mona - Darlin

I could feel you pulling, take me underground I feel like playing, you are my playground Don't leave me, darling Don't leave me, darling Don't wanna be alone Hold your breath, upgrade you Break your momma's spine If you go and leave now I'll never get you back Don't leave me, darling Don't leave me, darling I'll never find A girl like you tonight The bar is closing and I don't wanna go home Here we are, not looking Drain each other's eyes If you see what I

The Padangs - Rise

Now, don't hold back now Our time has come To regroup It's time to rise We won't hold back Get ready to brace yourself We're coming back again We all rise together We're gonna bring them down Raise your voices The ground will shake and tremble They will fear, they will fear, they will fear Our shields and weapons We are the beacons towards the sky That will bring us back together We will stand to our grounds (Chorus) We will rise together And I do

Kodaline - One Day

One day its here and then its gone How are you still holding on How are you still holding on You've felt this way for far too long Waiting for a change to come You know you're not the only one Life passes you by Don't be wasting your time On your own You always try to see yourself Through the eyes of someone else Through the eyes of someone else To shout and sing that you need help [?] You and everybody else You and everybody else Life passes you by D

Before You Exit - A Little More You

I could use a little less rain on the weekends (Oh woah oh) I could use a little less drama from my friends (Oh woah oh) I could use a little less spam in my e-mail (Oh woah oh) And a little less talking, a little less detail You make all that disappear When I got you here I need a little more, more I could never get enough of you, you No one else can love me like you do I got almost everything, all I really need Is a little more you A little more you (x2)

The Winery Dogs - Damaged

I don't think I should be here, but maybe we can make it through the night. I don't know what I'm feeling, maybe that it's better somewhere else. Somewhere where my mind turns off and my heart becomes the guide. And maybe my guard is down but I don't seem to mind, oh. But I'm damaged from the man that I was yesterday. Yeah, it's the damage from the life that in turn used to shadow me. And now it's over and done. You make me think I'm feeling, but you know I'm just a vulture

Crim3s - Dose

force me back, the living days im falling, dying, forceful gaze nothings here and nothings clear and i need you i need you here. and i need you here and i need you here. i need you. enough. (CHORUS) fall around. lie around. next to him. next to her. its ok. we can talk. we can talk. this will hurt. (X2) (VERSE 2) force me back, the deathly days im rising, serving, resentful gaze nothings here and nothings clear and i miss you i miss

Eru - Black Glasses

kkaman angyongeul ssohyo ajoo kkaman baminde malejyo appi bo iji anyado gwaenjjanayo naneun oolgo sippeun poonejyo han yojohgoh ttohnayo nomuna saranghaessojyo geuraeyo nae yojaehyo nae gaseumeogeso eulgo ineunyoja saranghaeyo nado eulgoissohyo oh nan bogo sippohsoh mannago sippohsoh jjarari jookkoman sippoyo mianhaeyo jalhaejjooji moolhan najiman ibyolkkajido saranghaelkkoheyo haenghokhan sarami dwioh jjooseyo (jjebalyo) han yojaga ttohnayo nohmoona sara

Aadmi Aur Apsara - Chamke Tu Chama Chama

Chamke tu chama chama chham chham Ab teri jo lagi jadita pam Tum na tod khama khama shaiyam Rakhu kase ye lok laj kayam Puju tujhe tu hai meri devi Pyar aaye to mahabuba jaise Chhedo to mukat hote hai hum Khile phoolo ki malind priyatam Chamke tu chama chama chhum chhum Ab teri jo lagi jadita pam Tum na tod khama khama shaiyam Rakhu kase ye lok laj kayam Aankh ka kajal pehne chudi pehani Jhanjhar dali jo kisi bhitar chhidka Chhan chhan karti kanchan piti Hey sa

Burn - Iration

Dark skies over the avenue Just another storm you put me through And though the raindrops hit the ground Nothing we can do can stop this fire now Started with a beat from a jealous heart Grew into the words that pushed our world apart And now I'm standing out in the cold Wishing you had heard me when I told you that This love will burn away this way And this love is over when you say Whoa This time and I won't let go When the walls come down you'll know I told you so

Dhyo Haw - Sekeras Batu

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