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crystal lake feat beth - dear god letra

Fog Lake - Farther Reaches

There's farther reaches in my head But they don't ever let me rest Clutching knives against my chest Cause you won't love me till I'm dead There's farther reaches in your head But you can't have them till you're dead So waste your days till you forget What it's like to have a friend How do I reach you?

Steven universe song - The crystal gems

for pizzas. We are the crystal ...

Alvar Lake - Invincible

I am not untouchable I am not unbeatable I am not unbreakable, no. I just can't get used to it Never be Immune to it Being is not impossible, yeah. How can you just tell me that its over but I'll be okay, yeah. In my if I am amazing Was it not enough to make you stay? Cause you made cry so I'm gonna bleed My heart isn't bulletproof despite what you think. Say I'll move on but thats what I do You say it's the best, I think it's only for you So go ahead and go, go,

Beth Hart - Can't Let You Go

You told me baby one more time Won’t make me sit on the lonely ride Well it’s over I know I thought I can’t let go I’m like a fish out of water stuck in the tree You don’t even wanna talk to me Well it’s over I know I thought I can’t let go He won’t take me back when I come around Says he’s sorry then he puts me out I got a big chain around my neck And I’m broken down like a train wreck Well it’s over I know I thought I can’t let go Said I got a candle that b
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